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We spent one week camping in Aland, which is south-western part of Finland. It's practically large archipelago with big central island and huge number of smaller ones. Weather has been really good this summer and sun shone all the time. You can check some 3D pictures on 3D page.

This is panorama taken mid summer in one of the largerst lakes in Finland. It was nice and warm day, a really good one to be on water.

Interestingly it has been a while since I've been doing just casual nature photography.

These are taken during UAE trip to Dubai. Actually upper one is from separate emirate Sharjah, which I thought to be some kind of small local village. I was pretty wrong though.


Picture on left is taken currently world tallest building Burj Khalifa. Surprisingly I was "only" 500m up and there were still another 500 meters up to the top.


Could be worth your while if you like tall buildings (



Northern lights or Aurora borealis puts up good show every now and then during winter in Finland. During this solar storm I was photographing comet Panstarrs but had to adjust plan due to exceptionally strong lights in sky. This picture is 180 degree panorama reaching 80 degrees up in sky. It of course was very cold (-20C) that night so it was full work to get this image.

Winter colors and pale light makes good contrast to summer freshness.


Usually light conditions are not so good during winter but occasional really cold weather clears skies and makes scenery more photogenic. Liquid water in streams and rivers look boiling hot although it is practically strugling agains freezing.


Ice crystals forming in air tend to make nice phenomena’s in forms of sky pillars and halos.

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